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"The wood fire pizza oven you installed in our garden room is a much loved feature by all our family. Thank you so much for recommending the one we purchased from the many available on the market.


It cooks the most sensational crispy pizzas and my family and I are pleased that you suggested we install one." 


"It was possible to sit outside when winter set in and temperatures were near to zero. The triple fire pit, an essential part of our installation programme allowed us to continue to enjoy the garden room even in winter when it turned cold.  


Having built our garden room during the summer of 2020 it made a fabulous outside meeting place for groups of 6 during the pandemic of Covid 19. It was a lifesaver for our family during that time." 


"The added light from the roof lights were definitely something we would not have considered doing. It is lovely to sit under them star gazing on balmy sunny evenings and to gaze up looking at the blue skies on a sunny day when the bi fold doors are open, it's like being on holiday! "

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